Rates & Policies

Creating a website may include the following services according to the fee schedule below. All hourly fees are billed at $50.00 per hour and pro-rated in ¼ hour increments of $12.50.

Initial Phone Call:
Free up to a 30 minutes (Does not include advice on other websites)

Teaching, advice and assistance with your existing website.

Web Design:
A basic website is estimated to require approximately 10 to 15 hours of design and may include up to 5 web pages, graphics, text, and photos. The costs will be determined by the individual requirement for the simplicity or complexity of the web site. Estimated total costs may be provided for the customer during the initial consultation.
Most small updates can be completed within 24 to 48 hours within the regular business week if I haven't received work requests from other clients before yours. I will give you a time line on larger updates.

Website Hosting:
I recommend GoDaddy or Weebly.
Costs for the host services will bill directly to the customer by GoDaddy or Weebly on an annual basis. I do not pay client hosting and bill for it except for under special circumstances.

Domain Registration:
Domain Name registration with GoDaddy or domain registrar of your choice.
Clients are responsible for paying for their domain names with their own credit card. If your credit card is cancelled or the expiration date expires it is your responsibility to sign into your domain provider account and update it. Most hosts send out warning emails at least one month before expiration. If you change your email address you must update it on your domain name provider's website. I will be happy to help you if you need assistance. I may be able to help you reclaim your domain name within twenty days of the date it expired. If you lose it and need to change your domain name I will need to charge you to change your website link on all of my other websites to keep your search engine rank.

Attention! HomeLand Web cannot be held responsible for trademark infringements caused by domain names or logos used by clients. Please research trademarks before choosing a domain or company name or contact a lawyer first.

I use Woo Commerce for WordPress websites. I recommend PayPal.com as your payment provider but you my use the payment provider that you prefer.
Weebly uses Square for it's eCommerce system payments.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
NOTE: SEO available only to my own websites clients. 
Keyword optimization on website - Hourly Rate.
Website Listing - $300.00 if I design your website. $100.00 yearly fee.

HomeLand Web does not host websites and cannot prevent server problems. If your site goes down because of a server error you will be charged for the time required to fix the problem.
If you choose to edit your own website and create a problem and require my assistance you will be charged for the time required to fix it.
I cannot prevent your website from being hacked. I can create complex passwords but hackers may get in anyway. If your website gets hacked you will be charged for the time required to fix the problem. You can prevent and remove most hacks by having me install Website Security on your website.

Billing Policy:
Invoices are sent out monthly and are due within 30 days. There will be a $5.00 late fee and 1% interest per month on all unpaid balances. No additional work will be done on your website until your payment is received. If payment is not received within 2 months from the time of the first billing your website may be temporarily disabled until payment is received unless other arrangements have been made.

HomeLand Web cannot pay fees and bill you for it.

All outside expenses must be paid by the client directly to the provider. This includes hosting, domain registration, second party applications and purchasing keywords from search engines. I will be happy to help you set up services using your credit card. If your organization requires that I bill you for these services there will be an $8.50 service charge per service.

All work requests must be submitted by email with specific instructions.